Easy Low Fat Recipes for Weight Loss Program

Tomato, cucumber & haricot in a pod salad - diet salad


6 tomatos, 3 cucumbers, haricot in a pod – 150 g., 2 boiled eggs, mayonnaise – 3 table-spoons, oil - 2 table-spoons, vinegar - 2 tea-spoons, tomato paste – 1 tea-spoon, lettuce – 1 tuft, dill & parsley green – 1/2 tuft each, salt to your taste.


Wash tomatos & cucumbers and cut them up to circles. Wash haricot, cut it up to bits, place into a deep pan, add some oil, salt it and fry on a faint fire till it’s properly cooked. Shell the eggs and cut each up in four.

As for sauce, stir mayonnaise, vinegar, tomato paste and chopped dill.

Place washed lettuce leafs on a plate, then put fried haricot as a hill, and then, in turn, tomato & cucumber circles aruond the haricot hill. Sauce the salad, trim with egg quarters and parsley sprigs, and serve the dish up.

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