Easy Low Fat Recipes for Weight Loss Program

Squids with mushroom trimming - Diet food


Squids – 500 g., mushrooms – 200 g., canned soy-bean – 200 g., peanut oil – 100 ml., bouillon – 100 ml., soy-bean sauce – 2 table-spoons, starch - 1 table-spoon, parsley green – 1/2 tuft, ginger to your taste.


Wash and slice mushrooms. Skin, wash, cut to sticks and scald squids. Heat peanut oil in a pan

and fry squids & mushrooms till it has goldish colour, add bouillon, soy-bean sauce, ginger, starch, and stew as far as it’s demi-cooked. Then, add soy-bean and stew till it’s properly cooked. The dish season with parsley sprigs. Trim with boiled rice or vegetables

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