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Low calorie Vegetable Salad made dish recipe

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Low calorie Vegetable Salad made dish recipeLow calorie vegetable salad made dish recipe per 2 portions:

cucumbers – 60 g
zucchini – 40 g
boiled potatoes – 60 g
boiled carrot – 40 g
tomatoes – 60 g
kidney beans – 20 g
cabbage (cauliflower) – 40 g
green leaf lettuce – 40 g
spring onions – 40 g
greens of parsley – 10 g
canned green peas – 20 g
vegetable oil – 20 g
greens of dill – 10 g
juice of lemon – 5 g
sugar – 10 g

Salt to taste. Cut cucumbers, zucchini, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, cloves with slices. Cut kidney beans with long straw. Disembowel cabbage on inflorescence. Cut leaf of lettuce, green onions and greens of parsley. Boil kidney beans and cabbage then cooled and connect with the other ingredients of salad. Add mixed oil, sugar, salt and lemon juice. Put prepared low calorie made dish vegetable salad in dish and scatter with greens. Trim slices of tomato and cucumber.

Calorie content in one portion 210 g.: protein – 4,11 g, fats – 9,68 g, carbohydrates - 22,4, energy content – 195,0 calorie.

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