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Low cal, Low Carb Puree soup of cauliflower (cabbage) recipe

Puree soup (Thick soup) of cauliflower (cabbage) recipe

cauliflower (cabbage) 200 g
potatoes 100 g
milk 300 g
yolks of eggs 20 g
rice 50 g
water 500 g
butter 20 g

Salt to taste. Cut potatoes with slices. Disassemble heads of cabbage (cauliflower) to inflorescences. Connect with potatoes. Pour hot water 250 g. and boil cabbage (cauliflower) to preparedness. Then grind all with broth. Pour rice by the water 250 g. Boil rice to preparedness. Then grind rice with broth. Pour milk 150g. and bring to the boiling. Add salt. Whisk yolks of eggs with milk. Warm on water to thickening. Connect vegetable puree and rice puree. Bring to the boiling. Few cool. Add eggs with milk mix. Add salt. Add butter in prepared thick soup of cauliflower (cabbage).

Calorie content in 1 portion 500g: protein 9,9 g, fats 11,3 g, carbohydrates 32 and energy content 285 calorie.

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