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Have you ever received unexpected guests? Surely, yes! It`s exactly the situation when you have to cook something easy and quickly with Free Easy Recipes.

Fast diet vegetarian salad - Spring recipe

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Fast diet vegetarian salad - Spring recipeFast diet vegetarian salad recipe per 4 portions:

leaves of green lettuce 80 g
tomatoes 200 g
cucumbers 200 g
radishes 140 g
green onions 80 g
greens of parsley 20 g
sour cream 100 g
greens of dill 20 g
sugar 12 g
lemon juice 10 g
salt 2 g

Cut leaves of lettuce with parts. Cut tomatoes, cucumbers and radishes with slices. Cut onion and parsley with small parts. Connect prepared vegetables and greens. Add c sour cream, salt, sugar, lemon juice. Mix all. Put prepared Low fat salad Spring in dish and scatter with dill and slices of cucumbers.

Calorie content in one portion 220 g.: protein 3,51 g, fats 8 g, carbohydrates 9,21 and energy content 135 calorie.

Common misspellings: wegetarian salat, vegetarrian sald, vegetariane solad, vegetarien salad, vigetarian salad, vegettarian salad, vegetaren salad

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