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Calorie content tables

Calorie content is the amount of energy produced by man at the time of food intake.

The number of calories that are needed depends on the performance, physical activity, sex, age, geographic latitude (cold or hot climate).

Like any fuel, food providing energy. The food is some energy, which can be measured (for example, in kilocalories or joules). The other name energy values foods - calorie content. Each of us has seen in the factory packaging products number, which corresponds to the energy values of 100 g of the product. Anyone can calculate how much energy it will be after a certain amount of use of the product. Knowing any daily diet (including drinks), and energy values foods, easily count the number of calorie content daily diet. Photocopying and dietitians have long calculated calorie content and composition all of the food. Provide the full range of food is simply impossible.

However, according the information given on food labels, calculate daily caloric intake is not serious difficulties.

Here is most usefull Calorie content tables:

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