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Beef Soup with eggs (omelet) recipe

Beef Soup with eggs (omelet) recipeBeef Soup with eggs (omelet) recipe per 2 portions:

beef broth (see recipe in Soup Recipes) 800 g
carrots 20 g
root of parsley 20 g
cabbage (cauliflower) 40 g
canned green peas 40 g
eggs 100 g
milk 40 g
greens of parsley10 g

Salt to taste. Boil carrots, root of parsley. Then cut all with straw. Disassemble heads of cabbage (cauliflower) to inflorescences. Pour hot water and boil cabbage (cauliflower) to preparedness. Then, pour off water. Prepared vegetables connect with the peas. Take out into dish that greased by oil. Pour mixed eggs and milk. Add salt. Steam to preparedness. Cut prepared omelet. Put into dish. Pour with beef broth. Add greens.

Calorie content in 1 portion 500g: protein 1,07 g, fats 13,5 g, carbohydrates 10 and energy content 198 calorie.

Common misspellings: Beaf Soup, Bif Soup, Biaf Soup, egs (omellet) resipe, omlet, amelet, amlet

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