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Tasty Vegetable Soup with corn easy recipe

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Tasty Vegetable Soup with corn easy recipeTasty Vegetable Soup with corn easy recipe:

preserved corn 120 g
carrot 60 g
root of parsley 40 g
butter 20 g
vegetable soup (see soup recipe) 700 g
potatoes 120 g
cauliflower (cabbage) 80 g
leaves of green lettuce 10 g
sour cream 60 g
greens of parsley or dill 10 g

Salt to taste. Chop carrots and root of parsley with dices. Fry chopped carrots and root of parsley at the part of oil. Add little water and to stew for 15 minutes. Add salt to taste. Disassemble heads of cabbage (cauliflower) to inflorescences. In boiling soup put chopped potatoes, and cabbage (cauliflower), to brew 15 minutes, Add salt to taste. Then add stewed vegetables, corn, and chopped leaves of lettuce. Brew another 15 minutes. Prepared dietetical Soup of corn and vegetables scatter with greens. Add sour cream.

Calorie content in 500g: protein 13,9 g, fats 15,6 g, carbohydrates 49,7 and energy content 383 calorie.

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